7th Complaint – Vets Going Against Protocol “Vaccinating Unhealthy Pets”

Veronica Wrote:

September 30th, 2013 at 9:00 pm

I just took my nearly 13 old boykin spaniel, Brady, for his yearly exam today. I normally stay away from vets as much as possible, but the last year or so I started having yearly checkups for Brady, and my 18 yr old cat, because they’re getting old and I want to keep an eye on their blood work. Brady lost an eye to glaucoma about 3 years ago, and he’s had cataract surgery in the other eye, and is now pretty much blind. He has a slow growing mass on his left rib cage that is hard as a rock. I noticed it when it was small a few years ago, and it’s slowy getting bigger. My other vet says she wouldn’t put him through the surgery to remove it because of his age.

I stopped vaccinating my pets around 10 years ago when I discovered the truth about them. Brady’s last vaccinations were in 2004 when he was only 3 yrs old. Today when I went to the vet, Brady was injected with Distemper/Parvo before I knew it. I saw a needle in him and asked what it was, and he told me. I freaked out! I felt sick at my stomach when I saw that needle sticking out of my sweet dog. I told him I don’t vaccinate!!! (This should be in his chart). I told him I haven’t vaccinated him in years! Actually, the last time I vaccinated him in 2004 was when I worked THERE as a vet tech and wanted to be able to bring Brady to work with me, so I had him vaccinated so that I could. I had been working from home all of Brady’s life and didn’t want to leave him at home all day when he could come to work with me, so I weighed it out and decided that he was young, and healthy and he could handle it. Well, he did fine almost 10 years ago, but he’s not young and healthy anymore!!!! I would NEVER willingly vaccinate an elderly dog with health problems. I’m SO MAD! He didn’t charge me for the vaccine, but I can’t get the vaccine out of my dog!!! I’m keeping a close eye on him and will see if I can find what symptoms to be on the lookout for. Hopefully, my prayers will be answered and he’ll be ok!


 Veronica Wrote:

November 6th, 2013 at 9:47 pm

It was confirmed today by Mississippi State University that Brady’s mass/tumor that I mentioned here a few weeks ago is in fact cancer. Soooooo, my dog that has a HUGE cancerous tumor on his body, was vaccinated without my consent. GRRRR!!!!! P.S. He Whines all the time, and I’m not sure if his eye is bothering him or if it’s the tumor, or maybe it’s because he has dementia, but whatever the cause of the the whining, I we noticed a huge increase in the whining the week following the vaccine. He also had a hot spot come up the day after the vaccine.



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