6th Complaint – Vets Going Against Protocol “Vaccinating Unhealthy Pets”


Janet Velez Wrote:
December 8th, 2012 at 9:46 pm

I took my dog to the vet because he got intoxicated with bleach hopping he will do something to help him since he was having troble breathing, he just look at him from far and told me he was going to be ok and i believe him! He was my first pet so i had no experience , he told me he need it a rabies vaccine wich i say ok since he was due righ after the vaccine we went home he had a ruff nigh trouble breathing, i bring him next day to the vet and he again look him from far and realize he was having trouble breathing and send me to the ER hospital 35minutes drive from his office as soon as we arrive he was put on oxigen, i was told he had liquid on his longs and that he might have heart problems that it could got worse with the stress he went through by the expose to the bleach, did’nt have the 1,859.56 for his treatment he was release to me and as soon as i arrive home he pass away in my arms! Could this happened because of the condittion he was and receiving the rabbie shot, the negligence of the vet by not checking him or the inhalation of the bleach, please give me an answer!!! Suffering my pet lost! He was 11 years old a beautiful chihuahua we love so much!



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