4th Complaint – Vets Going Against Protocol “Vaccinating Unhealthy Pets”

James Piercey Wrote:

June 17th, 2009 at 5:29 am

Tonight my little dog died from seizures. I can not tell you the heartbreak I have. I loved my little friend so much. He was just 7 years old. This morning he had a seizure and it lasted maybe 30 seconds. I hurried to get his pheno and gave him his usual dose. He seemed ok, but about 2 hours later he had a big seizure and again I gave him more pheno. he came out of it and seemed okay then another hour went by and he had another and then another quite fast. I rushed him to his vet where they gave him larazpam, however spelled, anyway he still had seizures so they injected him with pheno and it knocked him out for a couple of hours after which time i went to see him and he seemed fine, his tail wagging so happy to see me, so the vet said come back and pick him up at 6 I think he will be fine. I returned at 6 to pick him up and they said he had another seizure so they had just medicated him. They handed me a limp dog with no response but they said it was the drugs so I took him home. Thirty minutes later he had a seizure and he stopped breathing. I tried cpr but to no avail. My little buddy is gone and all I can say is why? WHY?

I am upset with the vet. While he was there for severe seizures the vet decided upon himself it was a good time to vacitnate him and give him all his shots. Why couldn’t that have waited? Also why would he send a dog that sick home? The little guy suffered from separation anxiety so I thought leaving him overnight might not be the best thing to do. I have been going to this vet for years and always trusted him but now i feel he knew my little guy was close to death and sent him home maybe to make sure he got payed which he did. I know I am not in the right state of mind right now but I feel that he knew. His wife who works with him told me she did not want my little guy to go home tonight she was worried about him, but she is not the vet.

Do any of you think this sounds strange for a vet to do? I know I can not bring my little guy back but I do not feel he should not have died today. I have read forum after forum and have not found one story of a dog dieing like mine did? I read plenty about dogs having seizures and not coming out of them and having to be put to sleep but none like mine. What would you do?

severly heartbroken, I so loved him. God bless you little friend and thank you for all the joy you brought me while alive. I will forever miss you.


IN RESPONSE: dr. patricia jordan Says:

June 17th, 2009 at 4:45 pm

For James, I am a veterinarian and I believe your vet committed MALPRACTICE and was not only dishonorable, what he did was UNCONCIONABLE. Seizures are often the very result of vaccinations to begin with. Obviously, your companion was in a state of dis ease and not healthy even for vaccination administration. He was also on medication, phenobarbital, and had been administered lorazepam…….the vaccines were administered without informed consent, without full disclosure, in direct violation of the FDA recomendations that are carried on the very insert for the vaccinations.

Call a lawyer, get his Professional Liability License number and also submit a complaint to his state veterinary medical board. Many seizuring animals and vaccinated animals develop hypothyroidism from the vaccines, and also from the administration of the phenobarb and therefore makes them candidates for the rabies vaccine waiver not the dangerous vaccines. Your vet not only killed your companion, he is endangering the public welfare administering viruses via vaccination to dis eased patients. He obviously has not reason to be trusted with the care of anyone’s pet. It is very sad to have to resort to court cases and state medical board complaints, but until the unscientific and malpractice act of the vaccination habit is stopped, many more companion animals are slated to be killed by the veterinary medical profession.

James, I apologize for the medical hubris of my profession.



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