19th Complaint – Vets Going Against Protocol “Vaccinating Unhealthy Pets”

Koko Wrote:

February 2nd, 2010 at 5:18 pm

I brought my healthy 6 year old Maltese to PET CARE A VAN here in Daytona Beach Florida for anti rabies injection. The lady sold my husband to the idea of injecting BORDETELA + DISTEMPTER + anti RABIES. Few days later, my dog couldn’t walk, very disoriented, has epileptic episodes, seizures, shivering and depressed. OMG! I have so much guilt because I didn’t do my research before she got vaccinated!!! I wish I read all the bad side effects that these vaccines are doing to our precious companions! I thought I was doing my dog good by getting her vaccinated. Little did I know that these vaccines will kill her system and make her very sick!!! I brought her to the VET few days after that and the VET gave her METACAM. I soon found out that METACAM for joint pain CAN KILL DOGS!!! Im so heartbroken!!! My poor precious dog is suffering because of these TOXIC VACCINES!!! I hope she makes it. I hope someone reads my comment so I can save other dogs from these deadly vaccines!!!



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