18th Complaint – Vets Going Against Protocol “Vaccinating Unhealthy Pets”

Jessica Wrote:

February 4th, 2010 at 6:14 am


I brought my beloved 7 year old happy, energetic Akita to the vet for his yearly

vet visit. He was on medication for an autoimmune issue(Azathioprine 50 mg, every other day). He had been on the meds for about two years. The evening or the day after his 3 year rabies shot and one other vaccination his health rapidly declined. He was diagnosed with a spontaneous pneomothorax(Spelling?). All tests did NOT indicate any other problems such as cancer. He was operated on two times to seal the leaks in his lungs. During the second surgery which was three days after the first they were unable to find the source of the leak. His protein levels and red blood count kept getting lower and lower as the days passed.They were also collecting more and more fluids from his body after surgery. Eleven days after the vaccinations we decided to put him down. All vets claimed it was not due to the shots……I do not believe this. I only wish I could turn back the clock. Space the vaccinations. Do your research. Question yor vet! I still think they did not even remember he was on the medication. Now it is too late for my dog. I miss him so much and he was robbed of a few more years of the life he loved.



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